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Six Easy Ways to Prank Your Friends and Family

Whether you’re just in the spirit of April Fools Day or looking for a good prank to pull on your brother or friend, here are six economical pranks that are sure to be fun.


If you are looking for a prank but don’t know what to do I have compiled a list that should help you. These are 6 fun pranks to pull on family or friends and all are either free or very cheap and shouldn’t get you in trouble.

  1. Put yellow (or really any color) dye in their water though yellow seems to work the best. This usually results in an amusing outcome and is fairly simple.
  2. Give them a prank call. A classic prank call is always fun but there are also several online sites such as  or where you can enter in a text message and they convert it to a voice message. It seems fairly simple but I have not tried any of them so I am not completely sure that they work.
  3. Ask them if they can roll a quarter up and down their nose. Before you give them the quarter cover the edge in some sort of black in, from a marker is usually easiest, so that when they roll it up and down their nose it leaves a black line. This prank is also fairly simple, especially since they’re usually not expecting it and you can have tons of fun with it.
  4. Mess with they’re computer when they’re away. There’s several things you can do such as install the blue screen of death screensaver or flip everything upside down. My favorite one is installing a certain firefox add-on at I have yet to try it but it looks like it should work very well. The only downside is that it will only work on people that use firefox.
  5. Bake a batch or two of cookies. Probably make about a quarter normal and the rest put spicy peppers in them but be sure to remember which are which. When you and maybe a couple friends are eating your cookies (the normal ones) you give the spicy ones to whoever you want to prank. The result is hilarious.
  6. This one requires advanced planning and a cool teacher but it sure to work on your friends. Once everyone arrives at school, or at some random point in the day, have the teacher tell everybody that there is a fire in the building and they have to evacuate immediately. If you can, arrange for fire alarms and the whole shebang as they will definitely make it more believable. As I said, make sure you talk to your teacher and plan in advance for this one to work.

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