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Food Fight!! 1 2 3 gooo

Hello everyone so day 4 of my blog has come and ya yesturday i asked you all a questions and i got many interesting answers and but you know the best one has to be one so the best answer is….Well let me tell u the q. first What would you do without electricity….A- I couldnt read you blog sahil!! -Prakash


So today i came across THE WORLD”S FIRST WEBSITE EVER!! –  its called Nothing much to tell about this website because there is not very much in this but still you know you always want to explore these type of things like the world’s first website ever

Okay so we all face some problems in our life when we cant find there solutions right? so here is a simple way ……. Just leave it on the God and eveything will become alright… really!! thats my experience

hmmm so I know what you guys are looking for  a video isnt it?   Okay so here’s one of them. Hey let me tell you first that if you dont like freaky and scary videos then skip this one because this is a real ghost video!!


I warned you people

It was nice wasnt it??? now Teresa will come in your nightmares buahahahahah

Okay go check out this on i loved it and its the video of the day


Liked it right??

So the comment question of the day is

What does is takes to be a brave person?


You can answer this by leaving a comment below or

Email :








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