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Baby Launcher!!….Fired!

Hello everyone finally day 3 has come!.Okay so today’s Day was Okay…..Hmmmm lets get to the topic of the day

So today i was surfing the web and i found this post Called The Art of American Nickname it is a nice and interesting post I suggest you to read this post Hope you like it as i Did.


So now most of the people are on twitter and they love it. If you are still not on twitter and are not interesting or are not sure or are not (wth am i sayin) aware of twitter…Here are top reasons to join it

Reason no. 1- Almost all of your favorite superstars are on twitter …Sportsmen , Actors everyone is on twitter!!

Reason no. 2- Get to know whats happening around u through twitter with the help of hashtag feature

Reason no .3.333333333333- Join interesting discussions

Reason no. 4-Make new friends!!


So so so so so so …… I checked out this video today its called baby launcher the most video of the day just check it out you will surely love it!!



bahahahaha you liked it didnt you?? hun??



Okay so today i am thinking about starting a new thing on my blog called the question of the day so you all can answer it

So the question of the day is……. What would you do if electricity was not there?


And the video of the day is….


I love this song by Martin hope you enjoyed that too


So the most interesting topic of the day is  the comment called SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC! which  you can now see on almost every music video!!! would you guys please stop this? I am annoyed of this


So i heard this joke today which i want to share with you all

Girl: Which gift did you get for me today?

Boy: You see that red ferrari right there??

Girl: (being exited) yeaa

Boy: I bought the nail polish of same color for you!


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2 thoughts on “Baby Launcher!!….Fired!

  1. I would die without electricity

  2. Prakash on said:

    I would not be able to survive without electricity

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