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Are you also cool like this guy??!!!

Whats happening guys finally day 3 of my blog has come. Todays day was a little boring! nothing exiting or funny happened but still you never know what happens!. So today i want to talk about the thing called Tworl. Tworl is a free to sign up website ( here you can chat with unknown people and make new friends. It is a nice website but i think it is not very safe but you can still try it because you never know when you can find a new best friend online!.

If you search the web today you will find a million blogs. Some are famous some are nothing more than crap and some are chinese blogs!(Like for chinese blogs!!) One such blog that took my attention is a wordpress blog called ZealousBlog by Cassie Moore. It is a blog which can attract you in seconds! it rocks! go check it out.


So today i checked out this video on youtube called “I m cool”


When you have watched this video the only sentence that comes out of your mouth is what the hell??!! (lol like if u feel the same)

Well atleast i made you see a fool acting like he is cool

Video Complement : Crap…



Okay , Okay so now finally a nice video…I checked this out today when i was bored and just came from school this is a really cool video and This song also rocks nice animation and everything so cool ….not cool like that guy in the video above!! check this out now i love this


Okay so thats it for today so i will meet you all tomorrow!

Any questions comments etc. contact me on my email id or

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Have a good day

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11 thoughts on “Are you also cool like this guy??!!!

  1. ayushi on said:


  2. Akshay on said:

    Woohoo Bro 3rd post of your and you are just rushing away to fame!! I love your blog and my friends also liked it!! Keep it up and yea i am not cool like that guy


  3. Thanks Akshay! there is a lot more to come

  4. Sankalp on said:

    I liked this post keep up the good work bro

  5. posts like this take most of the attention of mine liked it !

  6. Sahil on said:

    Bhai tu to cha gaya yaar!!

  7. Mr. Hey on said:

    Can u tell me what will yr next post be about??

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