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Get flooded by twitter followers

Hello everyone How are you all? Ya i know you are like Lady Gaga in a Zoo(What the hell am i talking about”

Yesturday I asked you all a question that what does it takes to be brave? Answer Comes from George – Just a freakin can OF Juice

So todays topic no 1 is That How to get more followers on Twitter

1. Get Verified –  This is the easiest way if you are a celebrity or a well known personality in your niche –  apply to get verified and once the word spreads it is indeed the real you (and not some fake Twitter account resembling your profile), people will flock to follow every word you say. E.g. most Bollywood celebrities on Twitter are verified and when Dalai Lama got a verified account just a month back,  he gathered nearly 200,000 Twitter followers!

2. Twitter Follower Exchange –  If you follow 1000 Twitter users today, how many do you think will follow back – 60%, maybe 40%, or maybe even lesser at 20% you say. If you agree to that, it means if you start to follow 1000 new people, at least 200 will follow you back –  and if you keep on doing that on a consistent basis you can have thousands OF Twitter followers for free! I was surprised when Obama followed me back on Twitter, but later realized there are many Twitter autofollow tools out there which can do this automatically. And of course just there are Twitter Follow back lists which you can tap effectively.

3. Get Suggested – Earlier if you can managed to get on the Twitter suggested users list by hook or crook, you would never have to look for twitter followers ever again. You will gain twitter followers at the rate OF thousands per day! Now how to get into the Twitter Suggested is a well kept secret.  Over time now the suggested list is  more user targeted and less influential than before, but you know how Britney Spears gained 200,000 followers in 1  month!

4. Become Charitable – Would you follow me if I tweeted I will donate $1 to Red Cross for every new Twitter follower gained over the next week? Probably you thought it was a gimmick and would not trust me to actually donate the money. But if a tech guru or respected organization put forth the deal, you would not mind following one more person –  and this would lead to a huge jump easily. Tim Ferris did this and got 5000 followers in 3 days!

5. Share Exclusive Deals – This one is useful for corporates who want to reveal secret coupon codes, promo codes or exclusive discounts – only on Twitter. If I told you $200 off Dell coupons were available on an official Dell Twitter channel  @DellHomeOffers –  I am sure you would follow it to get the amazing deal. Its useful information.

Dell Deals

6. Attract Twitter users – If a wore a cool Twitter T-shirt boldly displaying my Twitter ID – would you follow me? You might not, but they would surely remember you if you wear Twitter stockings to your friends party. Find unique Twitter marketing ideas for your Twitter ID and attract Twitter followers

7. Get on Popular Lists –  If you somehow got your name listed in  the Times 50 most popular Twitter celebrities, don’t be surprised to get a few thousand twitter followers overnight. There are many popular Twitter lists out there in different niches, try to get on them and become famous.

8. Offer Gifts – If I say I will give one $200 Amazon gift certificate to a random new Twitter follower who joins me over the  next week – how many new new Twitter followers will fall for that?  I am sure a few thousand will come easily. As I said you would not mind following one more person. Of course you have to be genuine and give out the gift too. And people forget to unsubscribe!

9. Buy Twitter Followers – This is the easiest way out if you don’t want to do anything. Money can buy everything and even Twitter followers are up for sale. Many Twitter marketing services will sell you Twitter followers for a reasonable price. If you are willing to spend money, you can ger 100,000 followers for $3500 easily and even lower if you look around. Then you can imagine your Twitter influence and brag about it. [Check if this is allowed by Twitter terms of service]

buy twitter followers

10. Buy Twitter accounts – Here is a way some people use to make money online. If you are starting a new profile, simply buy a Twitter account with thousands OF followers. Some people sell their Twitter accounts when they grab a few thousand followers, and if you keep doing this repeatedly, a good income is expected. [But remember this might violate Twitter terms of service]. Still what makes this real easy is that Twitter allows you to easily change the profile username in one click, so you don’t have to stick with the seller account name, and no one ever knows.


Okay so the video OF that day is Called Urban Legends its a funny video i liked it so I want to share it with you all

I loved it

And finally the Comment Question OF the day is

Which thing do you love to do the most?


Creative answers will get published in my next post

Food Fight!! 1 2 3 gooo

Hello everyone so day 4 of my blog has come and ya yesturday i asked you all a questions and i got many interesting answers and but you know the best one has to be one so the best answer is….Well let me tell u the q. first What would you do without electricity….A- I couldnt read you blog sahil!! -Prakash


So today i came across THE WORLD”S FIRST WEBSITE EVER!! –  its called Nothing much to tell about this website because there is not very much in this but still you know you always want to explore these type of things like the world’s first website ever

Okay so we all face some problems in our life when we cant find there solutions right? so here is a simple way ……. Just leave it on the God and eveything will become alright… really!! thats my experience

hmmm so I know what you guys are looking for  a video isnt it?   Okay so here’s one of them. Hey let me tell you first that if you dont like freaky and scary videos then skip this one because this is a real ghost video!!


I warned you people

It was nice wasnt it??? now Teresa will come in your nightmares buahahahahah

Okay go check out this on i loved it and its the video of the day


Liked it right??

So the comment question of the day is

What does is takes to be a brave person?


You can answer this by leaving a comment below or

Email :







Baby Launcher!!….Fired!

Hello everyone finally day 3 has come!.Okay so today’s Day was Okay…..Hmmmm lets get to the topic of the day

So today i was surfing the web and i found this post Called The Art of American Nickname it is a nice and interesting post I suggest you to read this post Hope you like it as i Did.


So now most of the people are on twitter and they love it. If you are still not on twitter and are not interesting or are not sure or are not (wth am i sayin) aware of twitter…Here are top reasons to join it

Reason no. 1- Almost all of your favorite superstars are on twitter …Sportsmen , Actors everyone is on twitter!!

Reason no. 2- Get to know whats happening around u through twitter with the help of hashtag feature

Reason no .3.333333333333- Join interesting discussions

Reason no. 4-Make new friends!!


So so so so so so …… I checked out this video today its called baby launcher the most video of the day just check it out you will surely love it!!



bahahahaha you liked it didnt you?? hun??



Okay so today i am thinking about starting a new thing on my blog called the question of the day so you all can answer it

So the question of the day is……. What would you do if electricity was not there?


And the video of the day is….


I love this song by Martin hope you enjoyed that too


So the most interesting topic of the day is  the comment called SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC! which  you can now see on almost every music video!!! would you guys please stop this? I am annoyed of this


So i heard this joke today which i want to share with you all

Girl: Which gift did you get for me today?

Boy: You see that red ferrari right there??

Girl: (being exited) yeaa

Boy: I bought the nail polish of same color for you!


Are you also cool like this guy??!!!

Whats happening guys finally day 3 of my blog has come. Todays day was a little boring! nothing exiting or funny happened but still you never know what happens!. So today i want to talk about the thing called Tworl. Tworl is a free to sign up website ( here you can chat with unknown people and make new friends. It is a nice website but i think it is not very safe but you can still try it because you never know when you can find a new best friend online!.

If you search the web today you will find a million blogs. Some are famous some are nothing more than crap and some are chinese blogs!(Like for chinese blogs!!) One such blog that took my attention is a wordpress blog called ZealousBlog by Cassie Moore. It is a blog which can attract you in seconds! it rocks! go check it out.


So today i checked out this video on youtube called “I m cool”


When you have watched this video the only sentence that comes out of your mouth is what the hell??!! (lol like if u feel the same)

Well atleast i made you see a fool acting like he is cool

Video Complement : Crap…



Okay , Okay so now finally a nice video…I checked this out today when i was bored and just came from school this is a really cool video and This song also rocks nice animation and everything so cool ….not cool like that guy in the video above!! check this out now i love this


Okay so thats it for today so i will meet you all tomorrow!

Any questions comments etc. contact me on my email id or

My facebook



Have a good day

Day 2

Finally day 2 of my blog has come….So today’s day was great. I had my maths exam today and it went well. Today i want to talk about the most entertainer of the world Michael Jackson r.i.p. Almost everyone liked him and like him! so i am making a top ten songs list of mj hope u like!! just search them on youtube and listen!

1.Billie Jean

2.Beat it

3.Cant let her get away

4.Who is it.

5.Earth song

6.They dont care about us


8.Smooth Criminal

9.Human nature


in no particular order

and ya its a top ten list so i missed some songs  sry!! but these are my favorites frm him! hope you enjoy

Hello everyone my name is Sahil

Hello everyone my name is Sahil , I am a boy and i am from dia. I have started this Blog today
. I am an ordinary boy with an amazing life so if you want to know more about me just come to my blog and get to know more about me. So lets get started i want to tell you something about me.

I am a student and i am from Chd,India. In my family i have my Mom and Dad and me!. A very small and happy family. My father is a business man and my mother is a house wife. I dont have any bro or sis. I am having many friends in my school and i love my life!. So today is sunday and tomorrow i have to go to school so i will cath up with you all at night tomorrow till then good bye!

And ya i forgot to tell you one thing i am a famous blogger too i own this blog which is famous all over the world and is having many readers go check it out its great!


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